Fall Preparations

Greetings!  I know that the summer has just started but I have received quite a few phone calls and emails regarding fall course preparation.  Banner should begin to populate fall course sites within the next few weeks.  There are a couple of things that you should know before you approach the preparation for fall.

  • When you copy your course please be sure to take the extra step of calculating the size of your course.  I have written new directions for the course copy process attached here:  CopyCourse Directions, please pay close attention to step #7. If you would like assistance creating a copy of a given course please let me know.
  • Currently the You Tube mash up for Blackboard is currently not working.  This causes any videos you embedded using the tool to not work.  In addition searching for YT videos is also not working.  Please know that Blackboard is working on the issue and as soon as the issue is resolved I will inform the Bb user community.
    • In the meantime there are a couple of ways to fix the current videos or include new videos that will work for you.  The attached directions will outline the methods for you Embed Video.  Additionally there is a video demonstration that was made by one  of your fellow faculty member (Ryan Keen) that demonstrates the “heavy lifting” method
  • For those of you that utilize publisher materials you should know that there are components that have been installed on Blackboard that will allow for an integration of your Blackboard site with the publisher site.  Middlesex has installed components to be used with Pearson (My Labs & Mastering), Cengage MindLinks, Mc Graw Hill Connect/Create, Wiley Plus, and MacMillan Launchpad.  This linked page contains information available from the publishers for both you and your students on how all of this works.

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