Just an FYI

Hope you are enjoying the summer.  I just wanted to inform you of a couple of things in regards to Blackboard functions that you may not be aware of  and repeat my information about the Blackboard upgrade.

First the Blackboard upgrade will occur beginning the evening of August 18th (10:00pm EST) and be completed on August 19th (10:00 am EST).  This will mean that Blackboard will not be accessible during this time period.  Please share this information with students and colleagues.  You will also want to note the information on supported browsers for this version of Blackboard  .

In addition to the Blackboard upgrade there will be an upgrade to the Pearson My Lab/Mastering Building Block that links Pearson products to your Blackboard site.  If you are using this product in conjunction with your MCC Blackboard site you may want to hold off pairing your courses until after the Blackboard upgrade is completed and the new Pearson Building Block is in place.

Very often I get phone calls about reducing the number of courses visible in the “My Courses” area of Blackboard.  Did you know that you can control exactly what does and does not show up in the “My Courses” module?  It is reasonably easy thing to accomplish and can be adjusted and changed at any point in time.  In the upper right hand corner of the module is a little gear that appears when you put your cursor on the upper border.

Upper border of the My Courses module in blackboardOnce you have clicked on the little gear you will be taken to a page where you can  simply select what you do and do not want to see in the module simply uncheck the box under Course Name to the right of the titles you no longer want to see and when you have completed the process Click Submit.  The process can be reversed by going back into the settings and rechecking the boxes.

Course list from the settings area of the My Courses module in Blackboard.


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