Student View

You may have noticed that there is a new button in Bb that everyone seems to have been asking me about for years, “Student View” which will give you a students view of your course.  It is an add on tool for now and does not function as I had expected,  IT DOES work.

The tool puts a demonstration student into your class (bb_demo_random number) and that student is the one that makes the button work.  However due to the way that enrollment works here at MCC the bb_demo_### will be moved over to a guest role and be made unavailable when the enrollment process runs.  You can however change the bb_demo_### students role so that the tool will continue to work for you.

  • Control Panel
  • Users and Groups —>Users
  • Locate your bb_demo_###
  • To the right of the user name (bb_demo_#####) there will be an action menu much the same as there is on Blackboard content.  Select “Change User’s Role in Course”.

demo userChangeRole





  • This action will take you to another page where you will want to change the demo students role to “Guest Student” and be sure that the Role in your course is available (YES).






  • As always click submit to save the changes.


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