Copying Courses

Over the years you all have learned to copy your course materials from one site to another and I appreciate the fact that you have stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility for that part of the process.  That being said I would like to request that you take an extra step in the process.

When you copy a course I have generally said to select everything and I would like to rescind that statement.  Only copy the areas that you really need to as there are some courses that have gotten so big that they will not copy properly.  There has been a size limit put on courses of 1Gb and we have MANY courses that have gone well beyond that size. The process should now include an extra small step that will allow you to reduce the over all size of your course.

In addition to only copying what you need please do not copy forward imported course files from previous versions of the course. You can do this by Calculating the size of the course and then Managing the Content that you copy forward to eliminate any prior imported course packages (labeled “imported content”) I have slightly revised the directions for copying course
CopyCourse directions


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