Returning to the Classroom

Greetings I hope that the summer has provided some rest and relaxation.  As you prepare to return to the classroom there are a few things you will want to remember and one or two new things you may want to know.

The first thing is to copy your course into your new course sites.  You do not have to start from scratch you can copy a course from a previous semester using these attached directions CopyCourse .

If you are using WIKI’s in your Blackboard course site I will advise you that there is an issue with WIKI’s when you copy them from course to course.  I won’t go into the details here (I might put you to sleep).  Your best bet is to start fresh with your WIKI’s in your fall course instead of copying them from a previous course.

If you are unfamiliar with the basic use of Blackboard there is online training available via a series of videos and some handouts.  The link for the training should be available in the “My Organizations” module on the Blackboard Community Tab.


If you do not have links to “Using Blackboard”,  “Blackboard Test Preparation and Grade Center”or  “Accessibility Online” in your “My Organizations” module you can enroll your self in the site.  Using the “Organization Search” box on the Community page you can search for the titles.  Then you will be provided a link to the training site and at the bottom of the menu there will be an Enroll button.  Once you have clicked that you will have access to the materials in the site and a link should appear in you Organizations module.

There are couple of new elements available to you that may make things easier.  The first item of interest is the “Qwickly” module that you will find on your Blackboard homepage.

Qwickly Mod
This module will allow you to make multiple courses available at the same time, post an announcement to several courses at the same time and send an email to multiple courses at the same time.  The following playlist has video demonstrations to use all three of the tools that are available.
QWICKLY Directions

The other element may make it easier for folks that work with portfolios.  We are currently working  to integrate Digication with Blackboard.  Please stay tuned for further information.


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