Blackboard at Middlesex

Blackboard is the technology tool that MCC uses to provide course materials to students online.  The tool can be used for any used for any course being offered through the college.  When you are assigned a section of a given course you will automatically get a course site for that specific section.   Course site will automatically be created by the college’s Banner system (about 10 weeks from the start date for the given course) and will also be automatically be populated by students as they enroll in the courses.

When you log in to the MCC portal you will find the Blackboard Courses logo on the right hand side of the page.

MCC Portal BbOnce you have clicked the logo you will go to the Blackboard “My Institution” page.  On the “My Institution” page you will see a series of modules that will populate with different information, the module that will connect you with your courses will be called oddly enough “My Courses”.  You should have one link for every course that you have been assigned to.

Courses Module
You may find links to other course sites  that are related to other activities that you are involved with here at the college.  When you first receive course the listing in the “My Courses” module will say “not currently available” this means that the course itself is not accessible to the students.  You as the instructor will always have access to your course site.  Once you have populated your course sites with materials for your students you can then make it available to them with a couple of easy steps.


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