Releasing Materials Selectively

Do you know that there are a variety of ways that you can release material to your students selectively?  There is a function in Blackboard called “Adaptive Release” that allows you to apply and create rules that will release your material in your course. There are two levels of adaptive release that you can work with the first set is fairly straight forward:

  • Date release:  This aspect of the adaptive release is a bit redundant as you can already control the release of material in the standard options that you see when you create materials. Please do not use the standard option dates and the adaptive release dates at the same time on the same item.
  • Membership:  This allows you to release materials to specific users that are enrolled in your class.
  • Grade:  Allows you to release materials according to performance on graded assessments.  The simplest rule is to be sure that the student at least made an attempt on the test.  You can also arrange to have materials released or not depending on how the student does on the assessment (range of scores or percentages).
  • Review Status:  This aspect will allow you to release things once the students have read or reviewed a prior piece of material.

The advanced version of the adaptive release will allow you to set up rules with your personal criteria.