Alternative Video Resources

There are a wide variety of video resources available for use in the classroom.  Let’s start with a couple of alternatives that will allow you to show clips with out all the “stuff” that comes on that pages in You Tube.

  • Ted Talks  Their mantra is ideas worth spreading and talks to stir your curiosity.  They have talks from people on a VERY wide variety of subjects.  This site is definitley worth exploration if you have never heard of it.
  • View Pure Next time you see a video you want to purify, click the bookmark when on the YouTube page and voila!
  • Watchkin website and browser bookmarklet are great tools for teachers who want to show a YouTube video in their classrooms without risking displaying “related” sidebar content.
  • Academic Earth a video depot for individual lectures and entire courses from some of the top universities in the United States. Visitors to Academic Earth will find lectures and courses from Yale, MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford.
  • A good place to watch full length documentaries from producers like National Geographic for free. Snag Learning provides a catalog of educational films that are accompanied by classroom discussion questions.
  • National Geographic Videos
  • Video website designed and maintained by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. ArtBabble provides a place for people to learn about the creation of art, artists, and collections through quality video productions. Visitors to Art Babble will find videos related to many forms of and formats for art.
  • FedFlix hosted by the Internet Archive, is a collection of nearly 2000 films produced by the US government during the 20th Century. The topics of these films range from presidential speeches to agricultural practices to public health and safety. Some films are instructional in nature, for example there is a film for police officers on how to arrest someone. Other films are more informative in nature and some films are flat-out propaganda films.
  • PBS Video Everything from MasterPiece to Frontline. (can be embedded)
  • Would you like to give you students the congressional point of view?  Try C – Span
  • For a more global perspective try Reuters (can be embedded)
  • Current news CNN and also Student News
  • Biology Department Davidson College

Have you ever thought of making your own instructional videos?  Well this article will give you some tips about making them:  Faculty Focus


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